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How to Recover Photos from CF Card

Posted on August 16 2013

CF card is the short name for compact flash card that has been mostly used in portable electronic devices, such as digital cameras and mobile phones. When using digital cameras, have you ever delete or format photos and videos by mistake or following the wrong guidance? People do not have time to backup their data and files before such unexpected situation happens, and even if they connect the device to the computer immediately, those files would not appear by themselves. Therefore, the smart way for dealing with the issue is to find professional recovery software for help. CF Card Recovery Pro is a proper choice for you.

CF Card Recovery Pro is a powerful and professional recovery tool for recovering lost, deleted, formatted and removed data, photos, images, audio and video files from memory card cf. And it is designed to restore all types of raw files. Its thumbnail screen made it clear to look; the safe recovery process ensured the safety of recovery process and protect card cf from further damage. Besides, it is easy to handle and can recover multiple files at the same time.

The following tells how to recover photos from cf card.

Step 1, double-click the CF Card Recovery Pro and open it.

Step 2, connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 3, Scan and select the target files.

Step 4, Press recover and get the achievement.

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How to Recover Photos from CF Card
How to Recover Photos from CF Card
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